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Welcome to Mobile Fix Ltd. – the #1 phone and tablet repair store in Daventry and one of the best in Northamptonshire!

When it comes to mobile repair, we have seen it all! From smartphones that have been run over by a car, to tablets that have taken a dive in a pool, we are prepared to face anything that comes our way. 

Our technicians go through an intensive training process for phone repair and we maintain an environment of constant learning, so no device is too new, no technology too complicated. We keep up with the times.

What do we repair?

Phone disassembled for repairs

As the devices around us, especially those in our hands, are becoming more powerful and versatile in their functions, the technology behind these devices is exponentially getting more complicated. Every piece of circuitry and every screw has its own purpose and if something goes out of order, it affects the performance of the device.

Keeping up with this technology is quite a task and we are up to it. Whether you have an iPhone in need of screen replacement or a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra that needs camera repairs, we know the ins and outs of all the devices on the market and acquaint ourselves with the details behind the scene. So, when you get your device back after the repairs, it is just as good as new.

Here are a few things that we come across in our daily mobile phone repairs:

Screen Replacement for Cracked or Broken Screens

Battery Replacement

Charging Slot Repair

Camera Repair

Water Damage

Password Reset

Back Cover Replacement 

Faulty Button Repair

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Frequently asked Questions

How long will my phone take to repair?

If you visit our walk in centre most repairs are undertaken within 24 – 48 hours subject to parts availability. If you need your phone back sooner a 24 Hour Express Service is available for only £9.95, your mobile phone repair is then given priority treatment.

Will I lose any data from my Mobile Phone?

We endeavour to keep all information intact, unless it is necessary to remove as a part of the repair. These repairs usually include software problems or liquid damage. If your data is particularly important please do let us know when you send in your mobile phone.

What kind of parts do you use for repairs?

We only use 100% genuine parts where possible. If original parts are not available we will source the next best thing OEM parts from the same factories that produce the parts.


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